To gaze upon and behold the natural world. To detach from practical affairs – to see the divine and true. Theoria is the creative power of the cosmos in contemplation.

From the ancient world of Greece.


The smells that entice me are Queensland Mangoes, freshly sliced, as we sit under the tree from which they were picked.

As well as Earl Grey Tea with an extra dash of Bergamot oil.  And somewhere nearby is a tray of crossiants left out to cool, before being put into the display cabinet.

I’m on the back of a motor bike in Greece, and with outstretched arms, I close my eyes,  I breathe the trees, I breathe in this island and will hold it inside forever.


The natural smell of my mother – perspiration, lipstick, freshness, pheromones, her unique je ne sais quoi.

The original Opium, my mother’s favourite perfume, mixed with her unique biochemistry.  My introduction to the Oriental-Spice, I was six years old.

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