Theoria Gold Perfumes are originals, created by Miriam Young. They are pure botanical, (flower and plant ingredients only).   

Theoria Gold is pure passion…


Are the ingredients all natural?

Yes all the ingredients of Theoria Gold Perfumes are natural, plant based and organic wherever available.  Not all of the ingredients of Theoria Gold Perfumes are organic, because not all plants for perfumery are grown organically.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

The essential oils, absolutes or botanicals used in Theoria Gold Parfums are literally sourced from all over the world!  Theoria Gold Perfumes are international in the true sense of the word!

Why are Botanical Perfumes safer to use?

There are many harsh chemicals used in chemist-sold commercial perfumes.  If you use natural skin care products, eat healthily and use natural-based cleaning products, it makes sense to use botanical perfumes as well.  Many perfumes are advertised as natural.  But if the truth be known, most of them contain less than 5% plant-based materials.  Whatever you place on your skin, the largest organ in your body, is absorbed directly into your blood stream.  

How big is the bottle of Perfume?

Theoria Gold Perfume contain 50mils of pure botanical fragrance.  Apply 1-2 x per day.  Breathe deeply!

How long does Theoria Gold Perfume keep its smell?

Theoria Gold Perfume, any perfume actually, lasts different amounts of time, on different people – one of the world’s greatest mysteries!

Theoria Gold Perfume lasts from up to 6-12 hours on your skin depending on your skin’s absorbancy, whether or not you are exercising, perspiring etc, the air temperature and on how dry your skin is.  Reapply Theoria Gold Perfume 1-2 x per day.   Keeping your skin moisturised, it really helps your perfume to last longer!

How can i purchase a Perfume? is the only place these perfumes are available.  Order directly from this website and pay by credit card or pay pal.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we ship overseas.

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