Bespoke Perfume Creation

Discover the Essence of Individuality with Our Bespoke Perfume Creation Service.

Indulge in the luxury of a scent uniquely yours or tailored exclusively for your business. Our bespoke perfume creation, led by the expert nose of Miriam Young, offers a journey into the world of fragrances, where each note is a reflection of your personal story or your brand’s identity.

Your Scent, Your Story – Bespoke Perfume Creation in Three Detailed Consultations

Initial Discovery: In our first meeting, we delve into your preferences, memories, and desired scent profile. This session sets the foundation for your unique fragrance.

Scent Development: Three weeks later, we explore a range of blends curated based on your initial input. This interactive session helps refine the fragrance to your exact liking.

Finalisation and Creation: In our final consultation, we present your bespoke scent for approval. Here, you have the opportunity to make final adjustments, ensuring the perfume is exactly as you envisioned.

Customisation at Its Core

Choose from a variety of fragrance notes ranging from classic to contemporary, each promising to create a scent that resonates with you or represents your business ethos.

Your bespoke perfume is not just a fragrance; it’s an experience. From the scent to the bottle design, every aspect is tailored to your specifications.

Convenience and Continuity

Once your own unique scent has been created, we put you in touch with a contract manufacturer who will take care of your needs – quantities, bottling and packaging etc.

Easy reordering process for continued enjoyment without any hassle.

Begin Your Fragrance Journey

To start crafting your personal or business signature scent, reach out to Miriam Young.

Schedule your appointment by calling 0413 024 901 or via email here.

Embark on a sensory journey with Miriam Young and let your bespoke perfume narrate your story.

“47% of people would return to a business because of its fragrance” – Or Pui Yu, 2016 Coventry University, London

Miriam Young, French Perfumer will build you a fragrance that your customer will simply want more of.  

Scientific research has proven that pleasant aromas evoke pleasant feelings and in turn this will bring a deeper sense of emotional connection with your brand. Memories associated with a particular olfactory experience tend to be stronger than those without. And a person is more likely to call up strong images of the place where that aroma was first experienced.

Bespoke Perfume Creation, the secret of scent.

Many companies are now discovering the power behind scent marketing with aromatherapy oils, but Miriam Young steps it up another level by creating your brand’s own unique 100% natural scent.

This also means that you may offer the scent as a perfume, and include it in your own brand’s hand wash, hand cream and other toiletries etc. Thereby offering a unique olfactory experience tailored to your brand. Customers will walk through your door, inhale deeply and feel at ease.

Having your brands own 100% natural fragrance incorporated into the business environment, in collaboration with the science behind brand marketing has the following affect:

  • Due to the anti-bacteria and mood lifting affect your staff will have fewer sick days.
  • Scent targets the part of the brain associated with decision-making and memory retention, therefore improving both.
  • Increase feelings of well-being when customer comes into the environment of your premises.
  • Increases staff moral and mood
  • Increase repeat clientele and drives client satisfaction
  • Increase stay time

“Scent has a significant positive effect on shopper’s store evaluations, time spent in store and store level sales.” – Mark A.A.M Leenders et al. 2016 RMIT University Melbourne

Businesses that desire their own unique natural fragrance include…

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Hospitality
  • Gyms & Fitness
  • Spas and Salons
  • Retail
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