The Ultimate Fragrance Experience: Perfumery Workshops: Brisbane


Join Miriam Young for your Ultimate Perfumery Experience with her Perfumery Workshops held in Brisbane, using 100% Natural ingredients.  This is a 2 hour workshop and you will walk out with a perfume that you absolutely love, in a beautiful golden bottle.  

In 2012 the French Ministry of Art declared Perfumery to be an art form along side visual art and sculpture etc.

A Perfume is a picture painted in smells. 

Like music it has notes and tones.

Like Wine the more it macerates, the better it becomes.

Like cooking, when you mix the right ingredients, it is delicious!  

Participants use Jasmine from Chanel’s fields in France, and Rose from the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, South France, Vanilla Bean from Madagascar, Citrus fruits from Italy as well as spices from all over the world.  

You may create your perfume based on the smell of your favourite flower, or inspired by a perfume you or a family member used to wear, inspired by your favourite country you have visited or from a pleasant smell from your childhood memory.  And some participants have created perfume based on how they would like to make them feel.  The choice is yours.  

You will love this hands on workshop, where all materials are 100% natural, 100% botanical and 90% organic.  All equipment is provided and no previous experience is necessary when it comes to making your very own eau d’perfume.  All you need to bring is your creative spark and the love of perfume. 

A workshop like no other.  Miriam is a passionate perfumer who shares her incredible knowledge of natural perfumery in an easy, very hands on way, in an environment that empowers you to be creative, artistic and free when blending your very own personalised scent.  A truly unique experience that leaves you feeling wonderfully uplifted with a take home of your very own perfume.  A once in a lifetime experience.”  

C Mathers, Business Coach

Contact Miriam Young direct for your private or group Perfumery Workshop, in Kenmore, Brisbane, or 0413 024 901 or I can attend your function.  🙂

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