Create your masterpiece in this exclusive Masterclass – French Perfume-Making Experience with Miriam Young of Theoria Gold, who is trained in the Traditional French method. Join an intimate groups on Saturday mornings in Kenmore, Brisbane, or book your own event, and we will come to you! Work with all natural, botanicals, 90% of which are organically derived. The workshops go for 2 hours, and the best part?  You get to take home your own bespoke fragrance!

A perfume is a picture painted in smells.
Like music it has notes and tones.
Like wine the more it macerates, the better it becomes.
Like cooking, when you mix the right ingredients, it is delicious!

Perfume is a living art and has been officially recognised as such. In January 2012, the French Ministry of Culture honoured 5 master perfumers from renowned houses such as Caron and Guerlain for their contribution in the art of perfume making which stands at the same level as Literature & Poetry (Art & Letters).

Participants use Jasmine from Chanel’s fields in France, and Rose from the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, South France, Vanilla Bean from Madagascar, Citrus fruits from Italy as well as spices from all over the world.

You may create your perfume based on the smell of your favourite flower, or inspired by a perfume you or a family member used to wear, inspired by your favourite country you have visited or from a pleasant smell from your childhood memory. And some participants have created perfume based on how they would like to make them feel. The choice is yours.

Contact Miriam Young for further information at or 0413 024 901.

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