Bespoke Perfume Set: Discovery ‘Travel Size’ Natural & Luxury 3 x 5ml Pack

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Bespoke Perfume Set.

Take advantage of this 100% natural and luxurious 5 mil Discovery Set of Theoria Gold’s Eau d’Parfum – Rose Aimée, Nuits d’Australie & Theoria!  

Discover the essence of natural beauty with Theoria Gold Eau d’Parfum, a 100% Natural Bespoke Perfume crafted with dedication and passion. Proudly Australian Made, this travel pack offers your sense of smell a journey unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the luxurious blends, each carefully chosen to provide a scent that’s both evocative and gentle on the skin.

This travel pack contains 3x 5ml bottles of Theoria Gold (excellent value for money)

  • 5 ml Rose Aimée
  • 5 ml Nuits d’Australie
  • 5 ml Theoria

Small convenient travel bottles are great to keep you smelling your best on the go no, matter where you are.

5 ml Rose Aimée celebrates the sumptuous pink rose from the Bulgarian Rose Valley. With sensuous sweet undertones of honey, Bespoke Perfume Rose Aimée has a warmth and spice that gently melts into a bliss of organic vanilla and caramel-benzoin heaven. There are over sixty roses in each bottle.

5 ml Nuits d’Australie embodies the juice of plantation pineapples, that illuminate the sweet and romantic night flowering Jasmine. Tropical fruit and white flowers meld into the Australian Outback at dusk – the earthy-sweet Queensland Sandalwood and subtle whiskey tones of Buddha Wood. Nuits d’Australie is at once soft and hypnotic, yet bright and undaunted.  Tropical Australia in a bottle!

5 ml Theoria is elegant, fresh, herbaceous and exciting.  Get ready to feel like dancing! The zesty opening notes of mouth watering West Indian Lime, meets the nostalgic Earl Grey Tea and subtle notes of tobacco. Deep dive into a bliss of Haiti Vetiver and sweet-spiced Peru Balsam. Theoria is joy in a bottle!

3 x 5ml bottles. 100% natural plant ingredients only. Vegan. Cruelty free.

As an authentic representation of 100% Natural Australian Made Bespoke Perfume, Theoria Gold Eau d’Parfum isn’t just a fragrance; it’s an experience. Step away from the synthetic and embrace the pure, the natural, and the uniquely Australian.

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Bespoke Perfume SetBespoke Perfume Set: Discovery ‘Travel Size’ Natural & Luxury 3 x 5ml Pack
Original price was: $135.00.Current price is: $110.00.
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